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Regular Baked Cakes

Available in: Sponge, chocolate, marble, chocolate ripple, light fruit, rum fruit!

Eggless flavours also available.


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Frozen Dessert


Edible Images can be added to all our frozen desserts at an extra cost

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Baileys Cheesecake:

($ 315 TTD)

Cheesecake mixed with Baileys Irish Cream


Chocolate Cheesecake: 

($ 280 TTD)

Chocolate cheesecake mixed with marshmallows


Mocha-chocolate Cheesecake: 

($ 280 TTD)

Our original cheesecake mixed with mocha chocolate


Oreo Cheesecake:

($270 TTD)

Cheesecake with chunks of oreos and a chocolate cookie base


Red Velvet Cheesecake:

($ 365 TTD)

Alternating layers of red velvet cake and cheesecake, topped with cream cheese frosting

Strawberry Cheesecake: 

($ 270 TTD)

Our original eggless cheesecake with strawberry topping



Icebox Cakes:

($ 270 TTD)


Caramel Icebox: 

Chocolate cake, layered with caramel and whipped cream


Cherry Coconut Icebox:

Cherries, shredded coconut, sponge cake, and cream


Mocha Icebox: 

Chocolate cake, combined with mocha buttercream and whipped cream, and chocolate chips


Peaches and Cream Icebox: 

Sponge cake, combined with peaches and cream


Pineapple Icebox: 

Mixture of pineapple, sponge cake, and whipped cream


Other Desserts:


Almond Torte:

($340 TTD)

Our original dessert. Layers of brownie buiscuits,whipped cream and almonds!


Black Forest:

(Small: $175, Large: $340)

Cherry flavoured chocolate cake, layered with cherry filling, covered in whipped cream.

Comes with or without alcohol.

Also available in cupcakes.


Chocolate Explosion:

 ($280 TTD)

Four layers of rich chocolate cake, layered with chocolate fudge and chocolate buttercream.

Also available in cupcakes



(Small: $175, Medium: $310, Large: $340)

Sponge cake soaked in coffee and mixed with creamcheese.



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